Joseph Nathan Cohen

Department of Sociology, CUNY Queens College, New York, NY


This page profiles the career of Fine Artists, which includes painters, sculptors, and illustrators (Standard Occupation Code: 27-1013). It is part of a series that profiles possible careers for students with passions and interests in content creation. 

Official Description

Fine artists create original artwork using a wide variety of media and techniques.

Link to Content Creation

Many content creators lean on their ability to create original illustrations, enhanced photos, comics, and other original visual content distributed on the Internet.  Successful content creators with a similar skill set are able to convey emotion, information, or stories through visual representations.

Suitable Candidates

Creators who have a strong passion and talent for creating visual content are best-suited to this profession.  If you love to illustrate or design visuals, and you are able to create visual pieces that attract attention and reactions, then you might be suitable for this line of work.  Note that the Fine Arts industry is highly competitive.

Key Stats

Bright Outlook?  No

National Job (Thousands) In 2021: 27.1

Projected Ten-Year Growth In Jobs, 2021 – 2031: 6.4%

Median Income (US): $57,560

Top Markets: Fine Artists

Largest job markets for Fine Arts workers

Note: Los Angeles data was missing at time of writing

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Much Of The Data From This Post Comes From The Bureau Of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Informational Network (Or O*Net). This Excellent Resource Helps People Make More Informed Study- And Career-Planning Decisions By Providing Useful Information About Jobs And Their Training Requirements. Click Here To Learn More About The Job Of Fine Artists.