Joseph Nathan Cohen

Department of Sociology, CUNY Queens College, New York, NY

Abstract Expressionism

Generating images in the style of abstract expressionist art.

This post is an installment in the Generative AI Art Style series, a practical knowledge project designed to help content creators fine-tune the aesthetics of their generated images by references to and descriptions of popular art styles.  Click here to read more on the project.

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Generated Thick Descriptor:

Abstract Expressionism often showcases spontaneous, subconscious creation, with an emphasis on unique and emotional intensity. Common features include large-scale artworks, a non-representational approach signifying rebellion against traditional styles, and an emphasis on individual expression. Painting techniques vary greatly – from Pollock’s drip method to Rothko’s color rectangles. Some works may appear chaotic and intense, while others are serene and minimalistic. To create similar art, focus on authentic emotional expression, intuitively choose your colors and don’t follow a specific object representation. Use bold brush strokes or even splatter/throw paint for effect.

The table below depicts New York City’s Times Square and Northern Ontario’s Lake Kenogamissi. The left column shows the results of a “thin” prompt, in which the style was requested in name only. The right column shows the results of a “thick” prompt, in which the generated prompt was used.

  Thin Thick
Times Square

These images show what Generative AI renders when one requests that an image be rendered in well-known art styles. This series does not purport to describe major art styles as understood in the art scholarship community. If you have expertise in art and want to explain why these images do or do not capture the essence of these fields, then please do so in the comments section below.