Joseph Nathan Cohen

Department of Sociology, CUNY Queens College, New York, NY

Assignment: Political Messaging Strategy

Use GSS data to propose a political messaging strategy.

In this assignment, students will use data from the General Social Survey to inform a client who wants help with political messaging.


You have been enlisted by either the Democratic or Republican Party (you choose). Your task is to mine information from the General Social Survey to find political messages that would resonate with those who are strongly supportive of your party.

Download an extract of the GSS and its accompanying codebook here

Your job is to write a brief research memo that focuses on one message that might be delivered to this audience. Use your data analysis as proof that the idea is plausible and well-reasoned.


To perform a task like this, I recommend focusing on the relationship between party identification (PARTYID) and questions that touch upon people’s attitudes on political topics.

I recommend the following steps:

Submit the Markdown file and polished Word report to me by email:

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