Joseph Nathan Cohen

Department of Sociology, CUNY Queens College, New York, NY

Quick Scatterplots in Stata

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Original Video Description

This video shows you how to create quick scatterplots in Stata.

Transcription (Auto-Generated)

in this video i’ll show you how to make quick scatter plots in stata scatter plots are a way to describe the relationship between two continuous variables graphically this example shows a scatter plot between the birth rate and contraceptive use in several countries scatter plots are useful for gauging a bivariate relationship between two continuous variables and they’re also useful for identifying outliers outliers are extreme values or extreme combinations of these two variables to create a scatter plot we use the command scatter the syntax to create a scatter plot is scatter and the name of the two continuous variables in this example i’m asking stata to create a quick scatter plot using the variables gdp per capita and net users the number of internet users in a country let’s see what it looks like to create scatter plots in a real data session i’ll create a scatter plot between age and sci to examine the relationship between people’s ages and their socioeconomic status type scatter age sci the results suggest no relationship old and young people have high and low socioeconomic indexes and as you see the correlation between the two variables is low here’s an example of a scatter plot that will show a relationship i type in scatter water access for the percentage of access with to clean water and gdp pc the graph shows that poor countries tend to have lower water access rates scatter plots describe the relationship between two continuous variables graphically you can create a scatter plot quickly using the command scatter and then the names of the two variables that you’d like to have in the scatter plot for more help type help scatter in the stata command window