Joseph Nathan Cohen

Department of Sociology, CUNY Queens College, New York, NY

Louis Farrakhan: Public Messaging on Jews

This was a video produced after a discussion with colleagues about Louis Farrakhan. It followed a few media stories in which a head of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory, described Louis Farrakhan as a great person. I felt like Farrakhan’s public defenders did not fully appreciate the depths of his hatred for Jews and willingness to demonize and scapegoat smaller minorities.

Original Video Description

This video gives examples of how Louis Farrakhan describes Jews at his rallies. To many people who have little to no direct contact with Jewish people, this may be their main source of information on what Jewish people are like and what they do. If you have not met many Jews, they are normal people. The things that he says are lies, and they provoke unstable people to act out against us and do us harm. Fight hate in all its forms.

Transcription (Auto-Generated)

it is now becoming apparent that there were many israelis and zionist jews in key roles in the 9 11 attacks the satanic jews they control everything and mostly everybody if they are your enemy then you must [Applause] must be somebody they’re angry with me because i exposed the hatred of jesus in the talmud they say it has been written in the babylonian talmud that’s right that jesus is in hell boiling in excrement that’s right having sex with little boys [Applause] is in the talmud taking little girls three years old and under and putting their finger in her private part is all right and they call mother mary a prostitute how many of you are lawyers only one in the house no wonder we go to jail so much brother but at the top of the law profession who are the top in law sorry i didn’t hear you any doctors in the house ain’t got no doctors oh there’s one way in the back at the top of the medical profession the top in that are members of the jewish community anybody in media who’s the top in that field anybody a rapper in the house oh there’s rappers i mean uh you can rap and then wrong with that but at the top of that are those that control the industry and if you have hollywood ambitions broadway ambitions who’s the top of that same people they’re masters in business well i’m not a businessman i’m a banker well who’s the master of the bankers talk to me you don’t discredit them because they’re masters you discredit them by the way they use their mastery i’m talking about the wicked ones and in the jewish community that run america run the government run the world on the banks on the the means of communication they are my enemies but as sure as i’m alive my enemies will be made my footstool and so will yours