Short Video Introduction to the General Social Survey

The General Social Survey (GSS) is a workhorse data set in sociological research and other forms of research. Recently, the GSS started a YouTube channel, and premiered a short video introduction to the data set.

Combined Statistical Areas

What are Combined Statistical Areas? A Combined Statistical Area (CSA) is a large geographic region comprised of localities (townships, towns, cities) that are substantially sustained by, and dependent on, a common urban center. The concept of Combined Statistical Areas denotes our sense of major cities’ “greater metropolitan areas”. For example, New York’s CSA stretches out […]

Labeling Exhibits in R Markdown

This tutorial describes how to label exhibits in your Markdown file. We will caption tables, figures, and images. This tutorial shows quick-and-dirty methods. Download the Markdown file used to generate this post here. Tables Imagine I want to convert this data frame named “table.raw” to a polished table in a report that I am generating […]