Federal Spending, Poverty, and Population

This analysis examines the distribution of total federal spending by state. Distribution of Federal Spending We begin with a look at the distribution of total expenditures by state. The distribution of expenditures is far more equal than that of federal revenues. Particularly states with particularly high expenditures enjoy roughly double the Five states receive particularly high […]

U.S. State Balance of Payments in 2018

The US Federal Balance of Payments data set is a compilation of state-level public finance, demographic, geographic, and other data, covering the year 2018. This document outlines the variables contained in this set, and the sources from which they were drawn. Download the data set in comma-separated values format here The scripts and raw data used to […]

Does Big Government Harm Society?

You’ve heard that it is an economic fact. Maybe if we are talking about crushing all markets or not. But what about real world situations?